We have many horse shows, clinics, and COWBOY MOUNTED

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Cowboy Mounted Shooting & Horse Show Schedule

*May 7th ... "Road to the Blue" Clinic
* May
14th ... QCABHC Youth Show
* May
15th ... QCABHC Open Show
* May
28th ... 11th Annual Charity Show/Auction
* June
5th ... QCAHC Youth Show
* June 26th ... Youth Show

2nd, 3rd, 4th ... Cowboy Mounted Shooting Competition
16th ... QCAHC Open Show
1th ... QCAHC All Arabian Show
* Sept. 1
1th ... Driving Show
* Sept. 1
7th ... QCABHC Youth Show
* Sept.
18th ... QCABHC All Breed Open Show
* Sept. 2
4th ... QCAHC Open Show

All horse shows are sponsored by local horse clubs and Illinois 4H groups